Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tub is also red....

My favourite colour is blue.
Even though my blog is RED.
I have always loved the colour blue, my room is painted blue, I have blue titanic posters on my wall and I have white furniture to match the sea-feel of it.


So I was surprised the other day to find so much red in my life O_O

okay so no 1. I BOUGHT DOCS OMZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

A whileeeeee ago I posted about wanting to buy a pair of Docs, I am about to go on this HUGEEE camp (more about that later) and I need some shoes that I can easily wear around and not get blisters with (hem*CONVERSE*hem) so I FINALLY persuaded my mum to get me some YAY
and they are a lovely cherry red & <3

I didn't want to get shiny, lacquered ones because apparently they are harder to break in AND the shine scratches off, and I always thought these looked lovely, and (I'm not sure why) but they always reminded me a little of the boots Katniss wears in The Hunger Games...AND (and this is where it gets reeeaaaallyyyy clever) THEY MATCH MY BLOG!!!!! So I have to find some way to incorporate that into that...

But yes & <3 them (although they haven't arrived yet) I got them NEW and CHEAP off eBay! And they should be here in a week... :D

no. 2 : my absolute favourite lolly in the world, are JAFFAS <3 yum

I would continue but i just came up with a brill idea!

So when I was on YouTube the other day, I noticed all these people doing stuff like 'oooh my favourite brand of makeup is MAC, TAG your it'  (um yeah, and you can afford it, but I'm a blogger so I CANT) so I eventually got the hang of the whole 'tag' thing...so imma do a tag...cuz it's fun!

ok, so the tag is...grab the thing nearest you and talk/review/comment about it!

um...so the closest thing to me at the moment is actually my Egyptian Magic

I don't know if you guys have heard of it, but it looks like this...

It's basically an all natural, all purpose cream! (I know it says skin...but it's much more much MORE, than just SKIN)

yeah, it's only got 6 ingredients in it (and I can actually read them!) Olive oil, Beeswax, honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis extract (and divine love...or so it says)

I got it about a week and a bit ago, I got it off eBay and it was about $40? With shipping (AUS money)

For me I don't really like using it as much, because it's basically a solid oil, you take a TINY amount and rub in between your finger tips, and it will immediately turn to oil, then you just apply it wherever you need too. Most people I've seen apply it to their face, I apply it sometimes but not so much. but I use it for EVERYTHING else.

A while ago I was at the beach and I was mucking around on this huge pipe sticking out into the ocean, and WHAM I suddenly slipped in slicing my foot open from the arch of my foot to above my ankle, it was BAD. It's scarred up now, but it's still pretty bad and itchy, so I apply it to that, and it's slowly fading! I also put it on my sisters sunburn, and the next day it was only a light pink colour! AMAZING! I also sometimes use it on the tips of my hair as a conditioner, mozzie bites, bruises, etc...I highly recommend this product, since you only need a TINY amount every day

BUT only apply it at night, because it leaves your face looking SUPER oily for a while 



So TAG you're it, grab the thing closest to you and talk about it! 

I also said above that I was gonna talk about a camp, but it's a long story, so I'll dedicate a longer post to it, and I'm tired... ^O^

It's also valentines day soon!
(I'm not a HUGE fan of valentine's day sorry :p but I still like it <3)


OMZ TOTORO IS IN TOY STORY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



I'm pretty sure he is one of the abandoned toys...WHY WOULD ANYONE ABANDON TOTORO GEEEZ

I ordered the movie so I'm super happy about that, it's in the mail! ^_^

more posts are forthcoming

Happy Lunar New Year!



(sorry for these unimpressive posts lately...writers block)

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Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Oh my gosh I'm sorry I missed your last post!!! It didn't show up on my dashboard!!! UGH!!!
I love your shoes!!!! They're so cool!!! So Katniss :D
And that oil stuff sounds awesome!!