Thursday, October 28, 2010

what are you REALLY burning

So I just quickly wanted to post this letter that I just finished and sent to Healtheries Australia...and it is as follows

ironic really

Dear Healtheries
I have enjoyed snacking on your products for many years, your products have been a part of many picnics, family outings and to quench our hunger in between meals, they also made a great treat to share at lunch time...but the taste of them fell sour in my mouth when a friend opened my eyes to the horrible secret behind those crunchy snacks...palm oil. After researching palm oil for a little bit I was shocked to find what it actually is, and the consequences it leaves behind. For in fact palm oil kills millions, upon billions of forests and wildlife every year, including orangutans, Orangutans are already a VERY endangered creature and the fact that you exploit them for food and for taste is beyond humane.
They are taken out of their natural environment, as a matter of fact the natural environment is taken out of them, they are killed, and so are the trees which have been growing around them for millions of years, feeding their ancestors, themselves and their children.
The fact that you include an ingredient with so many fatal consequences attributed to it is atrocious. What's even more horrific is that you advertise the product that the ingredient is in, as a HAPPY and HEALTHY one, let me tell you dear Healtheries killing orangutans for the pleasure of what goes in our stomachs is sickening, which I don't makes a very good marketing slogan, as it is an oxymoron.
Moreover the fact that this product is directed at children is horrible. Giving children something to eat under the pretence that it is 'healthy' and good for you, is very misleading, teaching our children a horrible lesson, you are telling them that it is ok to include said ingredient (palm oil) into our daily foods, that you decorate so inappropriately with smiling children and happy orange colours (which ironically is also the colour of an orangutan)
I would like to share with you this brief snapshot of what palm oil really does, I believe not following this link would be, on your behalf, extremely petulant and cowardly, please enjoy,

Now that we viewed this interesting video I would like to leave you with this final thought.
In our ever changing community one voice is not enough, a major company which influences so many households and which people so casually toss into their shopping trolleys would be enough. If you, Healtheries, find the courage to say NO to this slaughter (the killing of orangutans and rainforest) then more people would listen. As you can see in one of the comments of the video 'if we can get the government to ban palm oil...that is the only way to save the orangutans'....that is the ONLY WAY to save the orangutans...
Please dear Healtheries think about my email, before you hit delete think about what message you are casting aside. It is wrong to violate the safety and lives of animals, endangered animals. If you take Palm Oil off your ingredients list forever then you will make a real difference.

I am very happy with this email, and I am really looking forward to their reaction :)
These people use palm oil in their products which is VERY BAD (thus the email)
I am about to keel over form tired-ness from writing that email. I will post the reply as soon as it comes

an orangutan :)

-C xxx

Friday, October 22, 2010

lack of oxygen oooo <---- (oxygen bubbles)

OH HELLO THERE PEOPLE OF THE SUN! (yeah that was weird I know)
so yes I just wanted to report back into the world of blogging, since I haven't in like a zillion that just gave me a flashback to the movie Gentlemen Broncos

my parents made me go watch it in another room as it was so hideous and weird they couldn't stand it (hahaha like moi! I'm kidding!..bad joke sorry) and there is a dear with rockets...rocket salad...tomatoes...socks...monkeys...chunky monkeys...milkshake...banana STOP! Sorry that was my good friend Trail of Thought...he visit me frequently...

anyways where we? Oh not blogging of the late

GUESS WHAT?! I GOT THE NEW FRANKIE MAGAZINE!! yay, but my mum won't let me read it 'till I've helped her move the bed to the back-room of my house

So down to the point of this blog...I was browsing over the Mockingjay site recently and I came across THIS (<--- click! there's a link :D) piece of news and I was like WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (recurring) because I WAS JUST IN POWELLS BOOKSTORE LIKE 1 MONTH AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO...(idk what is that feeling?) I saw it and I SCREAMED! (beware the mighty lion!) so yeah, ALL OF YOU BETTER SYMPATHISE!

aaand one more thing...has anyone started making their Christmas wish-lists yet? Cuz I have :D and so far I am mostly wishing for a laptop...because my excuse is that next year I will be very busy in my THIRD LAST YEAR of school (gulp) and I need a laptop for that :D

farewell my dears, I'm off to watch Glee
-C xxx

p.s oh and if anyone lives in Portland say HI to Suzanne Collins from me :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My sister vacuumed up a dollar

I was recently struck by a flash of INSPIRATION!!!
which resulted in the 6 burnt fingers and a burnt lip...
basically I wanted to BLING some of my stuff, but I only got as far my earphones cuz my fingers just hurt WAAAY to much...I burnt them using a glue gun!!! And my lip you say? Well when I felt this burning sensation of my fingers I instinctively stuck them in my mouth (wince)
But yeah that was yesterday and now it doesn't hurt as much :D
Here are the pictures of the earphones...and as THEY say (who?) you have to suffer for your art

I have to say they're pretty AWESOME!

btw I think I'm coming down with a cold :( so be free to send me healing powers and some soup :D hahahha (oh and did you KNOW in Word Spellcheck when you type in hahahaha it comes up with Chihuahua...weird)


Friday, October 15, 2010

OK, so I am BACK from the debating thing, and to make it short and sweet, I DIDN'T PLACE :( but I was VERY close, oh well, it was still hell fun

So now that I am back I have had time to relax back into my lovely lifestyle I
I made this YUMMY walnut ice-cream last night, and I'm telling you IT'S GOOD

Oh yeah, when we were in the city we went to this Valentino exhibition (the designer, NOT the holiday) and let me tell you, some of the dresses were AMAZING! Truly fantastic, the work, the effort, WOW!!!!!!!

I couldn't stop gushing over the FANTASTIC-NESS (is that even a word?) that these dresses of them was even worn by Audrey Hepburn :D

Unfortunately I have no pictures because apparently the dresses would fall apart or something, so I'll just use the lovely interweb to show some of his works

I love the last one

let me tell you, they are prettier in flesh...or in material
and he LOVED (loves? not sure) the colour red, once for his 40th anniversary of being a designer he created 40 DRESSES (!!!!) all in red, and he has lots of red dresses. Which I think kinda suits his name, because VALENTINO is sort of like VALENTINE which is represented by hearts, and hearts are red etc etc...whatever it fits

I also want to post this link to my friends blog, and I was reading it this morning and it made me laugh, It's pretty funny and insightful hahahah


enjoy :)

Have a wonderful sunny day (gee that sounds cheesy as)

-C xxxx

p.s. tip of the day: go out and indulge in buying yourself a magazine, and if possible something nice from Lush :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

broken records and somewhat

so yeah, even though I said I wasn't going to post until Wednesday I was struck by INSPIRATION!!

yesterday when I was mucking around with some records one of them snapped (!) and instead of throwing it away I kept snapping it and turned it into an artistic piece of

I call it THE BROKEN RECORD (geddit?!)


I will just leave you all with these happy images

Happy Sunday!

-C xxxx

Friday, October 8, 2010

nothing at all :)

so yes...I am currently RACKED BY NERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously...I'll tell you why

on MONDAY I'm going to this very formal debating/public speaking event...IN ONE DAY (oh the pressure the pressureee)

I have the speeches pretty much down and all that...but what I'm missing is CLOTHES!
yum coffee

I cannot find any formal clothes ANYWHERE (FYI when I say formal I mean nicely dressed etc not prom)

and that got me thinking, I've been browsing the shops for ages now and found really nothing...NOTHING! So why do shops only stock stuff that resembles a purple paper bag and/or the back of a chicken...there is NOTHING (wow key word today) that I would wear to this formal thingy...and that is extremely frustrating, so basically I just wanted to share my frustration :)

but on a happier note...I HAVE SEEN TOMORROW WHEN THE BEGAN
and it was
like really EPIC

I loved it sooooooooooo much, I want to see it again! But no one will see it with me
:( But I'm serious when I say amazing...there were explosions, and the editing and directing was amazing! I recommend it 10 times over :)

so anywhoosel I'm off to practice my speech...results will be posted on WEDNESDAY (fingers crossed)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

I will happy dance from now till FOREVER


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :D :D :D :D :D :D