Friday, October 22, 2010

lack of oxygen oooo <---- (oxygen bubbles)

OH HELLO THERE PEOPLE OF THE SUN! (yeah that was weird I know)
so yes I just wanted to report back into the world of blogging, since I haven't in like a zillion that just gave me a flashback to the movie Gentlemen Broncos

my parents made me go watch it in another room as it was so hideous and weird they couldn't stand it (hahaha like moi! I'm kidding!..bad joke sorry) and there is a dear with rockets...rocket salad...tomatoes...socks...monkeys...chunky monkeys...milkshake...banana STOP! Sorry that was my good friend Trail of Thought...he visit me frequently...

anyways where we? Oh not blogging of the late

GUESS WHAT?! I GOT THE NEW FRANKIE MAGAZINE!! yay, but my mum won't let me read it 'till I've helped her move the bed to the back-room of my house

So down to the point of this blog...I was browsing over the Mockingjay site recently and I came across THIS (<--- click! there's a link :D) piece of news and I was like WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (recurring) because I WAS JUST IN POWELLS BOOKSTORE LIKE 1 MONTH AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO...(idk what is that feeling?) I saw it and I SCREAMED! (beware the mighty lion!) so yeah, ALL OF YOU BETTER SYMPATHISE!

aaand one more thing...has anyone started making their Christmas wish-lists yet? Cuz I have :D and so far I am mostly wishing for a laptop...because my excuse is that next year I will be very busy in my THIRD LAST YEAR of school (gulp) and I need a laptop for that :D

farewell my dears, I'm off to watch Glee
-C xxx

p.s oh and if anyone lives in Portland say HI to Suzanne Collins from me :)

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