Friday, October 15, 2010

OK, so I am BACK from the debating thing, and to make it short and sweet, I DIDN'T PLACE :( but I was VERY close, oh well, it was still hell fun

So now that I am back I have had time to relax back into my lovely lifestyle I
I made this YUMMY walnut ice-cream last night, and I'm telling you IT'S GOOD

Oh yeah, when we were in the city we went to this Valentino exhibition (the designer, NOT the holiday) and let me tell you, some of the dresses were AMAZING! Truly fantastic, the work, the effort, WOW!!!!!!!

I couldn't stop gushing over the FANTASTIC-NESS (is that even a word?) that these dresses of them was even worn by Audrey Hepburn :D

Unfortunately I have no pictures because apparently the dresses would fall apart or something, so I'll just use the lovely interweb to show some of his works

I love the last one

let me tell you, they are prettier in flesh...or in material
and he LOVED (loves? not sure) the colour red, once for his 40th anniversary of being a designer he created 40 DRESSES (!!!!) all in red, and he has lots of red dresses. Which I think kinda suits his name, because VALENTINO is sort of like VALENTINE which is represented by hearts, and hearts are red etc etc...whatever it fits

I also want to post this link to my friends blog, and I was reading it this morning and it made me laugh, It's pretty funny and insightful hahahah


enjoy :)

Have a wonderful sunny day (gee that sounds cheesy as)

-C xxxx

p.s. tip of the day: go out and indulge in buying yourself a magazine, and if possible something nice from Lush :)

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering why all the Valentino models look like 12 and underfed? So not authentic!