Friday, August 27, 2010


I have always loved the phrase Dead Man Walking (I have no idea why, OK?)so I googled it and came up with some interesting results...some of them weird.

Dead Man Walking is a work of non-fiction by Sister Helen Prejean, a Roman Catholic nun and one of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Medaille.

Someone who is about to die; someone condemned

a player who has been hit and announces that he's out of the game and walks off the field or exits the combat area.

well there were more...but they were all basically the same thing so I didn't write those down. But yeah, I don't know WHY I have always liked the phrase, I just have, it's kind of something that would go in a really dramatic scene in a movie, along with the cool move they do with the suit, I can't describe it exactly but it's like a flick, like you flick the jacket on, and I have always REALLY love it when people tighten/fix/put on their suit cuffs, and tighten their buttons on the, reading over this post I sound like a complete weirdo, but haha that is what I am :)

But here I put some lovely pictures of some suits, in hope that my parents will get the hint and I can start practising the suit 'flick'

some of these are Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Armani


I bid you all good night, as I am exhausted zzzzz

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage and Google

so, sorry I haven't been posting anything's just been such a hectic week, like for example I was over come with a two day migrane...which sucked, but yeah. And I was also greatly anticipating the release of Mockingjay (by Suzanne Collins) I unfortunately haven't got any pictures at this point, but I will post them soon enough...but anyway, I didn't get the book..repeat: I DIDN'T GET THE BOOK. Something that makes me quite sad, here's the story. A while ago, on our trip to the USA, I bought the firs (and then only) two books of the series, in hardcover...they are cool I must say. But I was looking to complete my lovely hardcover collection with the third book. Unfortunately when I arrived at the bookstore I found out they only had SOFTCOVERS! A terrible thing really haha, but I begged and um...bogged? (no) and finnally they are ordering it in NEXT WEEK! Which in my world is a looong time to wait (but I do get a lovely Mockingjay pin aswell) woah...If you are still reading congratualtions haha. But I was so angry and sad that I had to stare at this lovely picture for a bit, and have a nice cup of tea...

which is actually really funny, if you look at it for a while :)
moving on

So to real point of this blog
For a long, long, looong time I have been pretty obsessed with vintage...vintage magazines, vintage clothes, vintage shops, vintage hats, vintage retro (if that even makes sense) and after using the fantastic tool that we now call Google, I came across these cool pictures: (quite a visual blog)

yeah...I know the Tiffany's ad really is not THAT vintage...but I just love Tiffany's ads
but look at the iPod one...'20 minutes of music anywhere' hahaha

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the hunger games-greek mythology

So now there are barely ANY days left until the release of Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series (the best book in the world, I recommend it (: )

But for all of you who HAVE read the book here is a little research that I did, there was an article about 'the pearl theory' which can be read here

read it, it's VERY interesting

but anywway, I decided to do a little research on my own and you can read it here (which is the exact same post that I did on

But I'm writing it here to :)

so there has been all this talk about the pearl theory and more stuff which i find really interesting
but I decided to do my own research...and found some really cool stuff

first of all the names Madge (meaning pearl) and Rue (meaning herb of grace) and Gale (meaning calm and tranquil) Effie (meaning melodios talk) are ALL derived from greek meanings!

The greeks believed that the pearl means love and purity (Peeta and Katniss=love, maybe Gale and madge? Peea once described Katniss as being pure in CF)

and i found this odd quote on a greek mythology website: [description of Paradise] and is attended by beautiful maidens resembling hidden pearls hidden pearls! like what madges name means

and another quote talking about how pearl is represented by unity: Pearls are universal and by nature tend to bring people of all nations together. It is a single entity that personifies beauty, unity, peace and oneness. It has an important place in all the religions of the world. Ancient mythology treats pearl as a union of fire and water, the result of lightening penetrating the oyster. It represents fertility, birth and rebirth and symbolises innocence, purity, perfection, humility and retiring nature

if its talking about rebirth, like when North America was destroyed and Panem was born...I also find this similar to the story of Aphrodite, she rose from the sea (or from the foam of the sea) Aphrodite also had a very strong link to pearls, as she was the goddess of the sea, AND she is often depicted sitting in or on a giant clam

Also, in Aphrodites stories it talks about how she and Paris eloped (this works for either Katniss or madge), and how she saved her mortal son from being killed in war, but Aphrodite was immortal and received only a slash on her wrist (like when Katniss saved Gale's life in the whipping) and when she rescues Paris, she tries to persuade Helen to follow Paris and fall in love with him (Katniss will sacrifice Gale and 'give' him to madge so that he is safe)

and I found this other quote (maybe signalling that it will have to be al the tributes or all the kids who overthrow the capitol) (maybe katniss being Aphrodie? this signals the time when she pretended to be pregnant because that would have maybe saved their and their loved ones lives?)
In any case, Aphrodite's primary function was to preside over reproduction, since this was essential for the survival of the community.

But Aphrodite was depicted as immortal, but she would hurt herslef to save her loved ones. Maybe Katniss will not die but will have gotten into danger plenty of times to save her loved ones

Also the story of Socrates: Socrates was often called the gadly by Plato (a gadfly stings a horse and brings it into action) exactly like Katniss when she arose that spark that set off various rebellions, and look at this quote I found on Socrates: Socrates' paradoxical wisdom made the prominent Athenians he publicly questioned look foolish, turning them against him and leading to accusations of wrongdoing. EXACTLY like Katniss's stunt with the berries, she made the capitol look foolish!!!

another one: Socrates purposefully gave a defiant defense to the jury because "he believed he would be better off dead". once again what Katniss belives of herself in CF

but Socrates was given TWO options, to flee Athens (like Katniss was planning to do in District 12) or to be executed...Socrates chose execution, he poisoned himself with a cup of hemlock (similar to the name nightlock) his last words were directed to Crito instructing him to pay back a debt that he owned to Asclepios, this is like Katniss not liking to be in debt to anyone

So SC was very focused on Greek Mythology, I mean look at all this stuff! maybe some of this will be able to tell us the ending of MJ?

the book comes out on Tuesday !!! I can't wait :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flipvideo and Angel cleanliness

So ages and ages ago my dad bought the new (ish) MINO FLIPVIDEO, camcorder, and I love it :) seriously it's great.
Basically once you switch it on you can take up to 60 minutes of video, then you plug it into the computer with it's inbuilt USB and click upload and TADAA, it's all lovely and shiny on the computer. The great thing is that you don't have to buy any tapes or CD's it just goes on the device itself and then it's uploaded onto the computer! I love it
So about 5 minutes ago my dog came out of her bath (my sister loves her being fluffy and white) and whenever she comes out of the bath, she's all itchy and does this. It's hilarious and makes me laugh every time I see it (apart from my dad asking me questions in the background..shush)

but it's even better news :D there are 7 MORE DAYS! until the release of Mockingjay, the most antcipated novel of the year.
I'm going to post a bigger post about this on the day
but for now, sit back and enjoy the silliness of this video

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Sister's (and my father's) Keeper

You know the movie? with Abigail Breslin, and Cameron Diaz. Well the book is even better! Well not better...cause she has cancer...Anyway, when I saw the movie, I thought I would cry, but I didn't which was kind of disappointing, either i was to distracted eating my chocolate cake or I was watching the teeny tiny things no one else notices. But it didn't make me cry, although my mother DID cry..
so when I saw a cheap copy of it at the bookstore I bought it, i though 'hey! Cheap! yay! And even if I don't like it I can always sell it on ebay...(oh ebay!)
But then I started reading it, and by the time I was done with the second chapter I was crying, so much that the page began to blur, I wanted to stop but I couldn't...
the eldest sister (Kate) has cancer, and her younger sister (Anna) was basically born just to be a donor for Kate, from the moment she was born, literally, they used her umbilical cord...but Jodi Picoult wrote it not just from Anna's point of view but from EVERYONE'S, seriously.
Basically the whole book is about Anna wanting to sue her parents over the rights of her own body (which would be extremely cool in any other circumstance) but it gets more and more dramatic as the story goes. There's all these flashbacks, and JP writes it all so beautifully.
In the end, there's this massive twist, I cried for ages, I cried myself to sleep, JP made it so real, she made it seem like I was with the characters, they didn't even seem like characters, they were like friends.
But when I read that book, it was just a book, a brilliant one yes, but just a book.
A few days ago I received news that made me relate so strongly to what the people in this book were dad has been diagnosed with cancer, he has a tumor in his neck, apparantly it's a secondary cancer. But this scared me, and I feel like i have to read this book again, to get a second perspective, I want to relate to someone, I want someone to relate to me.
Things are going to change, I know that, but through all of this, I will always love you daddy, no matter what.

Life is too short
Don't waste a minute
Enjoy each day
And everyone in it

Tomorrow will come
It could be your last
Make the most of today
Life passes too fast.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus-possibly the BEST movie of all time

Well the title pretty much says it all ^_^
We rented this movie at the store initially because it had Heath Ledger in it (and Johnny Depp omg!) so we slotted it into the DVD player and sat back, not quite sure what to expect.

Throughout the movie, my parents and my little sister's faces became more and more...I don't know...weirded-out? (by the movie) I on the other hand couldn't get enough of the 2 hour movie, it was possibly the best thing I had ever seen, might have also been the weirdest, but that is probably why I liked it so much haha. The next day at school I RAVED about this great movie, and everyone was like 'yeah, I've seen that movie...I hated it' except for one person, she and I were the only ones who saw the spiritual meaning behind it. THE ONLY ONES! (eh Polly? :D) It still is my favourite movie, even though it was put down by many critics (sob) I even have it on my ipod, siigh.

But here are a few pics from the movie

ok so I took this picture (above) of a random guy in D.C. and when I uploaded them I'm like OMG HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE COLIN FARREL AHH. so compare and contrast.
Colin Farrel

Lily Cole!


So those are just a few pictures of the most brilliant movie ever!!!! Now go and rent it, and don't let anyone tell you how bad it is, because it's actually BRILLTASTIC (a clever combination of brilliant and fantastic :D)
Also, all of the websites where I got the pictures from are at the bottom of the picture, except for the first one, which I took myself with my Kodak digital camera.
And if you don't like it, just tell yourself to keep going because it has JOHNNY DEPP IN IT OMG!!! And even if that doesn't change your mind, just google a few LOL Cat pictures :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coconut sunscreen and somewhat-greetings from a stranger

Hi! My name is Caroline, and this is my first I'm actually not quite sure what to do. Basically this blog is a space for me to say things I always wanted to say, whether movies, books, music, clothes...or life :)

When I first heard the song California Gurls-Katy Perry, I had a sudden feeling of nostalgia, it's a really fun, summery song and it reminded me of when my family and I took a lovely holiday to the USA, our first stop was L.A. and I loved, loved, looooved it there (clearly you can see how much I liked it ^_^) on one beautiful warmish day we decided to cycle along Venice beach, we rented a few bikes, and just took off down the boardwalk...we stopped to see all the little shops and I recalled reading that the Twilight crew had actually bought some of their costumes here, this was when I was going through my 'Vampire' phase...but we don't speak of that.
Anyway, while we toddling along I suddenly heard the new California Gurls song! And when I looked around it all fitted perfectly; the girls tanning, the smell of coconut sunscreen, palm trees...ahhh summer really IS beautiful, when you're not getting devoured by mosquitos. But since then I haven't been able to shake off the connection with that song that I have with Venice Beach.
I was surprised by the video clip, because I thought they would film it at a BEACH, which the whole song is practically based at...not in CANDYLAND...seriously. But Katy is beautiful and if I can forget the giant gummibears and the girls wrapped in cellophane, I can relish in my coconut sunscreen-iced coffee dream.
Here is the link for the music video, on YouTube.