Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage and Google

so, sorry I haven't been posting anything's just been such a hectic week, like for example I was over come with a two day migrane...which sucked, but yeah. And I was also greatly anticipating the release of Mockingjay (by Suzanne Collins) I unfortunately haven't got any pictures at this point, but I will post them soon enough...but anyway, I didn't get the book..repeat: I DIDN'T GET THE BOOK. Something that makes me quite sad, here's the story. A while ago, on our trip to the USA, I bought the firs (and then only) two books of the series, in hardcover...they are cool I must say. But I was looking to complete my lovely hardcover collection with the third book. Unfortunately when I arrived at the bookstore I found out they only had SOFTCOVERS! A terrible thing really haha, but I begged and um...bogged? (no) and finnally they are ordering it in NEXT WEEK! Which in my world is a looong time to wait (but I do get a lovely Mockingjay pin aswell) woah...If you are still reading congratualtions haha. But I was so angry and sad that I had to stare at this lovely picture for a bit, and have a nice cup of tea...

which is actually really funny, if you look at it for a while :)
moving on

So to real point of this blog
For a long, long, looong time I have been pretty obsessed with vintage...vintage magazines, vintage clothes, vintage shops, vintage hats, vintage retro (if that even makes sense) and after using the fantastic tool that we now call Google, I came across these cool pictures: (quite a visual blog)

yeah...I know the Tiffany's ad really is not THAT vintage...but I just love Tiffany's ads
but look at the iPod one...'20 minutes of music anywhere' hahaha

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The apple ipod add is great!