Sunday, September 26, 2010

what are those biscuits called???

Today I went THRIFTING!!! yaaaaay! And my wardrobe was ecstatic to have some new blood in it's wooden stomach...yeah I don't even know where that came from.

Anywhoozle I bought SO MUCH STUFF, and only ended up spending $4.50 so I am really happy with my buys, there were so many good ones that I felt like running around screaming TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN, but I didn't cuz my arms were laden down with bags...and it would be weird

but I bought 21 vinyl records ( random I know) a whole bunch of really cool kitchen stuff (hey, it was $3 a bag so why not take advantage of it :D) a pair of retro looking tan coloured sunnies, a really ancient LEARN-HOW-TO-TAKE-REALLY-GOOD-PICTURES-FAST book for my dad...and CLOTHES!!!!!!!! But not that many as there was a disappointing number of good stuff, there was mostly just stuff...that smelled funny.

I took a picture of everything but then I found out that my memory corrupted and had a spaz so it took FOREVER to upload ya go

The long white jacket was a kind of practical/inspirational buy as it goes well with a skirt I recently bought for some fancy-pants debating thing that I have to go to
The other white jacket was kind of random, but looks cute on
The flower top I bought because it looks pretty over my swimsuit this summer
um, the Tartan looking jacket was another RANDOM buy, it just looked so funny and colourful and made me think of terriers and those yummy crumbly biscuits with cream in looks nice on though and it's sooo big it almost goes down to my knees, but I'm getting really sick of the whole flannelet thing that's happening right now so I thought this was like a twist on it hahah
and then we come to the leather jacket...THE BEAUTIFUL LEATHER JACKET!!!! When I saw it I just grabbed it...CUZ IT WAS SO AMAZING, it goes down past my thighs, and the leather is so soft and worn, the inside is silky, it reminded me so much of the leather jacket Katniss has in the Hunger Games... :)


besides with the whole white jacket thing, and the leather jacket I CAN DO THE SUIT FLICK!!! hurrah! (the suit flick post was a while back haha)

And I will just share this last piece of news...tomorrow is the first day of term 4!! nooooo, IT'S MY LAST YEAR IN THAT SCHOOL...:( going to be sooo sad, so I'm going to take my corrupted memory card camera into school everyday and have like a creepy stalker like collage of this year...

Farewell fellow thrifters
-C xx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wanna travel the woooorld, stupid ice-berg

My dad called me over to the computer this morning and showed me the story that had just appeared on the news

I have been obsessed with the Titanic ever since I saw the film (yes, I know a strange thing to be obsessed with)

But it is a MASSIVE obsession, I have done tonnes of speeches at school about it, I have read almost every single book about it, every time someone says something inaccurate about the Titanic I basically start a debate and I try to include the Titanic in everything I short I AM SO OBSESSED IT'S WEIRD. (but like my mum says at least I'm not obsessed with make-up) When I went to the Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas I spent over $60 on souvenirs and was crying in some bits of the exhibition...the whole exhibition was beautiful, truly amazing. They had plates and jewelry from the wreck and the story line was written all along the walls...When you went in you got a 'passenger' ticket, and at the end you found out if you survived the sinking, I survived (hurrah!)

But it was so incredibly sad, and the Titanic is a really close subject for me, a while back I watched this documentary on it, all these mysteries of it were uncovered and all that, and I just sat there bawling, I was in shock for like an hour afterwards :(

But anyway back to the main point of this post...apparently the whole the Titanic sunk in a such a short space of time after hitting an iceberg thing, caused a few people to get suspicious, so they started digging around (argh I was so jealous!!) and they found that the Titanic had actually sunk because of a steering mistake, it was BECAUSE of that mistake that they hit the iceberg, which made me so sad(der)

but you can read the article here

there is such a looooooong history of the Titanic and so many things that could have possibly prevented it from sinking!!!

For example:

1. When one guy was fired from the Titanic crew because they had one to many, he 'accidentally' took the key for the spyglasses that were for the crows nest, the iceberg would probably have been seen sooner

2. THE LIFEBOATS!!! They didn't have enough! But a little known fact is that the Titanic had actually exceeded the number of lifeboats originally, and the White Star Line said 'hey guys! You don't need that lifeboats, people want to be able to see the sea (parson the pun) so let's leave about 12 ok?' Obviously if they have MORE lifeboats, not as many people would have died

3. On the night the Titanic sunk the Californian (a ship near the Titanic) was sending signals out it telling them that there were ice bergs nearby...on the Titanic a high pitched noise came out of the headset, and the guy who was in charge of the telegrams sent back a message insulting the Californian...the Californian turned off their headset, during the sinking various messages were sent out to no avail, the Californian due it's close proximity could have saved every person on that ship.

4. When the Titanic was being furnished and they put in a grand staircase the owner of the ship (who btw jumped of the ship when it was sinking and saved himself while the Captain and the Crew all died) said that it wasn't 'grand' enough, so he made it bigger and lowered the bulkheads by 5 feet, due to this the watertight chambers filled up faster and sunk, if the bulkheads hadn't been lowered it would have filled slower and it would have stayed afloat while help came

Yes, as you can see from my freakish list I am obsessed!

AND THEN I FOUND THIS REALLY AMAZING HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh I want to go to it!I'm putting it on my wish list, here's the link for the Titanic Hotels (yes hotelS!!!) (jksfhjkasgfjkhasfjkwafjkjhsajfhs AHHHHHHH)

so amazing!!!

Farewell, I'm going to DO NOTHING all day hurrah!

-C xx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boiling Water and Pink Coats (not together obviously)

and I am done! YAY, my spring cleaning challenge is COMPLETE!!!!! hurrah :) (steps away from computer while doing a happy dance)

now my room and my cupboard look so least for now, who knows how long this is going to last, so I'm going to post some MORE pictures of my finished wardrobe AND of my most prized clothing possession :D :)

so here are the pictures of my 'most-prized-clothing-possession' it's a lovely coat I got in Forever New, and it's probably the most expensive piece of clothing(thank goodness my dad didn't see the total cost)I own

the reason you can't see my face is because my mum is really paranoid that by me showing my face that it will cause an Internet explosion and I will be stalked...hmmm

but I love it, it's so soft and silky, even better in real life, and it's a LOVELY SHADE OF REEEEAAAALLY BRIGHT PINK!!! (but not fluro..shudder)

and here! is a lovely picture of a COASTER!!!! (get it??? GET IT???? a COASTer :D GET IT??? noone really did except for me for some reason)
I think I was on a bit of a sugar rush from eating to many Coco Pops (hem hem, Dear Coco Pops company I have just given you a plug! (if that's what they call it) and it would be courteous of you if you would send me a LIFETIME supply of Coco Pops, Sincerely)

COASTer (figure it out)

but yes, I really don't have much to say again, as I am about to keel over from tiredness and the day isn't even over...(looks longingly at pillow)

except, did anyone see last nights Junior Master chef??? (It's only in Australia)
if you missed it, or if you want to see it go on, and you should be able to see the full episode :)

omg!!! I LOVE JMC (Junior Master Chef as I so cleverly called it) It's so sweet when the kids cry when they are called forward to the next round :D I'm like 'noo, don't cry! It's all good, you got through!!!!' and then they are still crying, so I give up talking to the TV and channel my inner Master Chef by boiling some water...

-C xx

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

episode 1 of THE AMAZING WARDROBE CLEAN!! (sadly no lions or magical places involved)

bonjour, bonjour! how is the world (I don't why I have the french accent...I have forgotten the taste of a croissant)
moving on

I have REALLY, REALLY, REAAALLY busy for the past few days as it is the beginning of the holidays (cue happy music)
aaaand I have been busy Spring Cleaning (happy music fades) but it looks like i might be done Spring Cleaning by New Years Eve, as I am terribly slow and love to procrastinate things such as CLEANING!

But I did a Mary Poppins, and did a dance around my room, singing to the sweet tunes of Katy Perry, and while I didn't get to down a few spoon fulls of sugar, I DID take lots of pictures (hurrah!)

So, Operation 1 of Spring Cleaning was to tackle my wardrobe (despairing cries in the background) which was N.O.T.F.U.N. I can say that right now...but here are a few pictures of My Wardrobe before I threw everything on the floor to be put in piles (donation, keep, winter, summer etc)

and hereeee are some lovely pictures of the clothes I am donating...(I actually don't know why on earth I ever wore any of these)

the black dress was my mum's and she gave it to me (cough) when I went through my LBD stage, the pink leopard jacket my parents bought for me...and a matching one for my sister (CURSE THE MATCHING CLOTHES FRENZY PARENTS GO THROUGH) um...the pink cowboy thing blouse was for a performance that I did when I was like 6 for my dance school that I am (thankfully) no longer part of...the two blue dresses I gave to my sister, no special history behind them

and here is the tag in a shirt I bought in the USA, I thought it was really funny :D

so...believe it or not, I HAVE NOT FINISHED MY WARDROBE!!! Most of my stuff is in piles on the floor, and tomorrow there's more to do...such as packing away all my winter clothes (but, but, but my JEANS) and to put everything back on the shelves...(sighs)

I will post more pictures tomorrow (I lead an exciting life) and see the FINAL (hopefully) result :)

so ta-ta till tomorrow, stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

where i eat mushroom risotto and mourn Vanilla Ice

ooh lets play that fun game!! (duh where-you-have-to-name-all-the-things-beside-you-game)
-my mockingjay pin (the one I got free with the book)
-a magazine with Martha Stewart on it (don't worry it's not mine, it's my mum's)
-a bowl of yummy mushroom risotto
-a shell
-a laptop (not this one)
-spelling words for tomorrow (including the word ad hoc-used for a particular purpose)
-a blanket :)
-my dog
-um...a spoon?

I really don't have much to say this week as it is the last week of school (hurrah!) So I have been busy handing in last minute assignments (cough) and preparing for Coffee House! Which is tomorrow :) Coffee House is basically this thing that the high school (did you know the we only have 23 kids in the high school, like the WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL) and we sort of showcase what we have done that term and we prepare food (really awful food sorry but it's true :( at least I'm not a cook haha like for example, this CH there will be lots of plays performed on conflict and war (or subject this term) and my friend is showing a documentary on Chernobyl, and I and presenting a really great movie that I did with her WHICH I WILL BE POSTING SOON BEWARE and our rock band will be performing, hmmm not sure how I feel about the latter haha

And this is all performed in the smallish barn at our school (and no we're not hippie's we just have a school in the middle of the woods and we have a barn) unfortunately the barn has no horses or animals at all in fact...actually...we DID have animals for a bit, chickens to be precise...and that's a looong story

Basically, we tried hatching them ourselves with an incubator, and out of the 16 eggs only 3 hatched, the first chick we called Vanilla Ice, and then after a while we realised it has clubbed feet (poor thing) so we took it to the vet and she told us to feed it Vegemite with water, and it had to be feed every 2 hours, so me being the 'responsible' one took it home to take care of it...and then it proceeded to DIE in the middle of the night, on my DESK (it wasn't my fault, we found out in the end that it had like a salt heart attack or something)

The second chick we called Frosty, and he was fine for a few days, then suddenly he got really fat and while he was sitting on my friends' hand he sort of did a big poo and exploded (yes you read right) then the third chick was fine! Really, we even named it Lucky, because it outlived the others, and then a week later we found it dead from mysterious causes...but this is not the end of our tale...we got 2 more chickens, very nice, not quite old yet, their names were Panda Moo and Conan. So while we were all in class one day, the lovely Iguana, Bella (yes, we name our animals, tame or wild) came and um...ate half of Panda Moo...seriously she (he?) ate half of him, and he died...and Conan? Well, my friend brought him to her house for the holidays and we never saw him again...

So that is why we don't have horses in our barn, it was discussed yes, but as soon as someone brought up LUCKY, FROSTY, CHICKEN it was sort of abandoned (gee I wonder why)

All of these chickens-dying stories are quite depressing, so I'll post this GREAT picture of my dog, who we caught singing at the beach :D

and in case you're wondering the dog is healthy and fine with no sign of clubbed feet as you can CLEARLY see

Friday, September 3, 2010

why are we all influenced by Apple and candy adds?

At least everyone has experienced something like this before, you have this really great gadget/program/game and you're so happy with it and you go around going 'OMG, this is the best thing ever, I'm so happy I've got it' and then BAM out of nowhere there it is 'NEW VERSION OF....AVAILABLE!!!' and suddenly what was amazing and shiny and new one day is mundane and boring the next day, like the new iPod Touch that came out I saw it and immiediatelly was like 'wow!!! THAT is SO cool!!!' especially my mum since she finnally took the technological dive and bought an iPod touch, the week before the new version came out...oopsies.

But what made me wonder is WHY we always need the newest of everything, I mean what we had before was great, right? Before it was 'challenged' with a whole new that got me thinking, do we always want to have the newest thing because we are afraid of falling behind, or because we don't want to miss out on what the world is revolving around??

(but I do have to say that the new stuff is AMAZING!! I hate to say it but it is, I mean seriously the iPod touch has a CAMERA! And the new Nano is totally square and a touch screen, so actually it's basically a touch)

But still, why do we all feel almost forced to be influenced(if that makes sense) by all these things? Is it because the way it is advertised, portrayed like shiny pieces of candy? Or the way it comes accross

But I leave you all on this note, as it is late, and I am falling asleep and all I want is to read my new book :)

Goodnight and farewell <3