Sunday, September 26, 2010

what are those biscuits called???

Today I went THRIFTING!!! yaaaaay! And my wardrobe was ecstatic to have some new blood in it's wooden stomach...yeah I don't even know where that came from.

Anywhoozle I bought SO MUCH STUFF, and only ended up spending $4.50 so I am really happy with my buys, there were so many good ones that I felt like running around screaming TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN, but I didn't cuz my arms were laden down with bags...and it would be weird

but I bought 21 vinyl records ( random I know) a whole bunch of really cool kitchen stuff (hey, it was $3 a bag so why not take advantage of it :D) a pair of retro looking tan coloured sunnies, a really ancient LEARN-HOW-TO-TAKE-REALLY-GOOD-PICTURES-FAST book for my dad...and CLOTHES!!!!!!!! But not that many as there was a disappointing number of good stuff, there was mostly just stuff...that smelled funny.

I took a picture of everything but then I found out that my memory corrupted and had a spaz so it took FOREVER to upload ya go

The long white jacket was a kind of practical/inspirational buy as it goes well with a skirt I recently bought for some fancy-pants debating thing that I have to go to
The other white jacket was kind of random, but looks cute on
The flower top I bought because it looks pretty over my swimsuit this summer
um, the Tartan looking jacket was another RANDOM buy, it just looked so funny and colourful and made me think of terriers and those yummy crumbly biscuits with cream in looks nice on though and it's sooo big it almost goes down to my knees, but I'm getting really sick of the whole flannelet thing that's happening right now so I thought this was like a twist on it hahah
and then we come to the leather jacket...THE BEAUTIFUL LEATHER JACKET!!!! When I saw it I just grabbed it...CUZ IT WAS SO AMAZING, it goes down past my thighs, and the leather is so soft and worn, the inside is silky, it reminded me so much of the leather jacket Katniss has in the Hunger Games... :)


besides with the whole white jacket thing, and the leather jacket I CAN DO THE SUIT FLICK!!! hurrah! (the suit flick post was a while back haha)

And I will just share this last piece of news...tomorrow is the first day of term 4!! nooooo, IT'S MY LAST YEAR IN THAT SCHOOL...:( going to be sooo sad, so I'm going to take my corrupted memory card camera into school everyday and have like a creepy stalker like collage of this year...

Farewell fellow thrifters
-C xx

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Leizl Basilio said...

I have never been this lucky on a thrifting excursion! So jealous