Friday, September 3, 2010

why are we all influenced by Apple and candy adds?

At least everyone has experienced something like this before, you have this really great gadget/program/game and you're so happy with it and you go around going 'OMG, this is the best thing ever, I'm so happy I've got it' and then BAM out of nowhere there it is 'NEW VERSION OF....AVAILABLE!!!' and suddenly what was amazing and shiny and new one day is mundane and boring the next day, like the new iPod Touch that came out I saw it and immiediatelly was like 'wow!!! THAT is SO cool!!!' especially my mum since she finnally took the technological dive and bought an iPod touch, the week before the new version came out...oopsies.

But what made me wonder is WHY we always need the newest of everything, I mean what we had before was great, right? Before it was 'challenged' with a whole new that got me thinking, do we always want to have the newest thing because we are afraid of falling behind, or because we don't want to miss out on what the world is revolving around??

(but I do have to say that the new stuff is AMAZING!! I hate to say it but it is, I mean seriously the iPod touch has a CAMERA! And the new Nano is totally square and a touch screen, so actually it's basically a touch)

But still, why do we all feel almost forced to be influenced(if that makes sense) by all these things? Is it because the way it is advertised, portrayed like shiny pieces of candy? Or the way it comes accross

But I leave you all on this note, as it is late, and I am falling asleep and all I want is to read my new book :)

Goodnight and farewell <3

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claudia said...

thank you for the sweet comment :)
loving your blog too and you're so right i just saw the new ipod nano and loved it it's kinda cute but for the moment i'll keep using my old one which i really like :D
of course i'll follow you
lots of luck and love