Tuesday, September 14, 2010

episode 1 of THE AMAZING WARDROBE CLEAN!! (sadly no lions or magical places involved)

bonjour, bonjour! how is the world (I don't why I have the french accent...I have forgotten the taste of a croissant)
moving on

I have REALLY, REALLY, REAAALLY busy for the past few days as it is the beginning of the holidays (cue happy music)
aaaand I have been busy Spring Cleaning (happy music fades) but it looks like i might be done Spring Cleaning by New Years Eve, as I am terribly slow and love to procrastinate things such as CLEANING!

But I did a Mary Poppins, and did a dance around my room, singing to the sweet tunes of Katy Perry, and while I didn't get to down a few spoon fulls of sugar, I DID take lots of pictures (hurrah!)

So, Operation 1 of Spring Cleaning was to tackle my wardrobe (despairing cries in the background) which was N.O.T.F.U.N. I can say that right now...but here are a few pictures of My Wardrobe before I threw everything on the floor to be put in piles (donation, keep, winter, summer etc)

and hereeee are some lovely pictures of the clothes I am donating...(I actually don't know why on earth I ever wore any of these)

the black dress was my mum's and she gave it to me (cough) when I went through my LBD stage, the pink leopard jacket my parents bought for me...and a matching one for my sister (CURSE THE MATCHING CLOTHES FRENZY PARENTS GO THROUGH) um...the pink cowboy thing blouse was for a performance that I did when I was like 6 for my dance school that I am (thankfully) no longer part of...the two blue dresses I gave to my sister, no special history behind them

and here is the tag in a shirt I bought in the USA, I thought it was really funny :D

so...believe it or not, I HAVE NOT FINISHED MY WARDROBE!!! Most of my stuff is in piles on the floor, and tomorrow there's more to do...such as packing away all my winter clothes (but, but, but my JEANS) and to put everything back on the shelves...(sighs)

I will post more pictures tomorrow (I lead an exciting life) and see the FINAL (hopefully) result :)

so ta-ta till tomorrow, stay tuned!!!!


Puck Litaay said...

That pink jacket is very nice. Love your blog!


WatTheRandom said...

ur such a crazy lol c u soon