Tuesday, September 7, 2010

where i eat mushroom risotto and mourn Vanilla Ice

ooh lets play that fun game!! (duh where-you-have-to-name-all-the-things-beside-you-game)
-my mockingjay pin (the one I got free with the book)
-a magazine with Martha Stewart on it (don't worry it's not mine, it's my mum's)
-a bowl of yummy mushroom risotto
-a shell
-a laptop (not this one)
-spelling words for tomorrow (including the word ad hoc-used for a particular purpose)
-a blanket :)
-my dog
-um...a spoon?

I really don't have much to say this week as it is the last week of school (hurrah!) So I have been busy handing in last minute assignments (cough) and preparing for Coffee House! Which is tomorrow :) Coffee House is basically this thing that the high school (did you know the we only have 23 kids in the high school, like the WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL) and we sort of showcase what we have done that term and we prepare food (really awful food sorry but it's true :( at least I'm not a cook haha like for example, this CH there will be lots of plays performed on conflict and war (or subject this term) and my friend is showing a documentary on Chernobyl, and I and presenting a really great movie that I did with her WHICH I WILL BE POSTING SOON BEWARE and our rock band will be performing, hmmm not sure how I feel about the latter haha

And this is all performed in the smallish barn at our school (and no we're not hippie's we just have a school in the middle of the woods and we have a barn) unfortunately the barn has no horses or cows...no animals at all in fact...actually...we DID have animals for a bit, chickens to be precise...and that's a looong story

Basically, we tried hatching them ourselves with an incubator, and out of the 16 eggs only 3 hatched, the first chick we called Vanilla Ice, and then after a while we realised it has clubbed feet (poor thing) so we took it to the vet and she told us to feed it Vegemite with water, and it had to be feed every 2 hours, so me being the 'responsible' one took it home to take care of it...and then it proceeded to DIE in the middle of the night, on my DESK (it wasn't my fault, we found out in the end that it had like a salt heart attack or something)

The second chick we called Frosty, and he was fine for a few days, then suddenly he got really fat and while he was sitting on my friends' hand he sort of did a big poo and exploded (yes you read right) then the third chick was fine! Really, we even named it Lucky, because it outlived the others, and then a week later we found it dead from mysterious causes...but this is not the end of our tale...we got 2 more chickens, very nice, not quite old yet, their names were Panda Moo and Conan. So while we were all in class one day, the lovely Iguana, Bella (yes, we name our animals, tame or wild) came and um...ate half of Panda Moo...seriously she (he?) ate half of him, and he died...and Conan? Well, my friend brought him to her house for the holidays and we never saw him again...

So that is why we don't have horses in our barn, it was discussed yes, but as soon as someone brought up LUCKY, FROSTY, CHICKEN it was sort of abandoned (gee I wonder why)

All of these chickens-dying stories are quite depressing, so I'll post this GREAT picture of my dog, who we caught singing at the beach :D

and in case you're wondering the dog is healthy and fine with no sign of clubbed feet as you can CLEARLY see


Front Row Mode said...

Loving the dog



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WatTheRandom said...

OMG u referenced me in your blog C tomoz