Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boiling Water and Pink Coats (not together obviously)

and I am done! YAY, my spring cleaning challenge is COMPLETE!!!!! hurrah :) (steps away from computer while doing a happy dance)

now my room and my cupboard look so least for now, who knows how long this is going to last, so I'm going to post some MORE pictures of my finished wardrobe AND of my most prized clothing possession :D :)

so here are the pictures of my 'most-prized-clothing-possession' it's a lovely coat I got in Forever New, and it's probably the most expensive piece of clothing(thank goodness my dad didn't see the total cost)I own

the reason you can't see my face is because my mum is really paranoid that by me showing my face that it will cause an Internet explosion and I will be stalked...hmmm

but I love it, it's so soft and silky, even better in real life, and it's a LOVELY SHADE OF REEEEAAAALLY BRIGHT PINK!!! (but not fluro..shudder)

and here! is a lovely picture of a COASTER!!!! (get it??? GET IT???? a COASTer :D GET IT??? noone really did except for me for some reason)
I think I was on a bit of a sugar rush from eating to many Coco Pops (hem hem, Dear Coco Pops company I have just given you a plug! (if that's what they call it) and it would be courteous of you if you would send me a LIFETIME supply of Coco Pops, Sincerely)

COASTer (figure it out)

but yes, I really don't have much to say again, as I am about to keel over from tiredness and the day isn't even over...(looks longingly at pillow)

except, did anyone see last nights Junior Master chef??? (It's only in Australia)
if you missed it, or if you want to see it go on, and you should be able to see the full episode :)

omg!!! I LOVE JMC (Junior Master Chef as I so cleverly called it) It's so sweet when the kids cry when they are called forward to the next round :D I'm like 'noo, don't cry! It's all good, you got through!!!!' and then they are still crying, so I give up talking to the TV and channel my inner Master Chef by boiling some water...

-C xx


Puck Litaay said...

Your coat is superb.


Oui, Mademoiselle said...

love the wardrobe photo so much :)
nice blog!