Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wanna travel the woooorld, stupid ice-berg

My dad called me over to the computer this morning and showed me the story that had just appeared on the news

I have been obsessed with the Titanic ever since I saw the film (yes, I know a strange thing to be obsessed with)

But it is a MASSIVE obsession, I have done tonnes of speeches at school about it, I have read almost every single book about it, every time someone says something inaccurate about the Titanic I basically start a debate and I try to include the Titanic in everything I short I AM SO OBSESSED IT'S WEIRD. (but like my mum says at least I'm not obsessed with make-up) When I went to the Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas I spent over $60 on souvenirs and was crying in some bits of the exhibition...the whole exhibition was beautiful, truly amazing. They had plates and jewelry from the wreck and the story line was written all along the walls...When you went in you got a 'passenger' ticket, and at the end you found out if you survived the sinking, I survived (hurrah!)

But it was so incredibly sad, and the Titanic is a really close subject for me, a while back I watched this documentary on it, all these mysteries of it were uncovered and all that, and I just sat there bawling, I was in shock for like an hour afterwards :(

But anyway back to the main point of this post...apparently the whole the Titanic sunk in a such a short space of time after hitting an iceberg thing, caused a few people to get suspicious, so they started digging around (argh I was so jealous!!) and they found that the Titanic had actually sunk because of a steering mistake, it was BECAUSE of that mistake that they hit the iceberg, which made me so sad(der)

but you can read the article here

there is such a looooooong history of the Titanic and so many things that could have possibly prevented it from sinking!!!

For example:

1. When one guy was fired from the Titanic crew because they had one to many, he 'accidentally' took the key for the spyglasses that were for the crows nest, the iceberg would probably have been seen sooner

2. THE LIFEBOATS!!! They didn't have enough! But a little known fact is that the Titanic had actually exceeded the number of lifeboats originally, and the White Star Line said 'hey guys! You don't need that lifeboats, people want to be able to see the sea (parson the pun) so let's leave about 12 ok?' Obviously if they have MORE lifeboats, not as many people would have died

3. On the night the Titanic sunk the Californian (a ship near the Titanic) was sending signals out it telling them that there were ice bergs nearby...on the Titanic a high pitched noise came out of the headset, and the guy who was in charge of the telegrams sent back a message insulting the Californian...the Californian turned off their headset, during the sinking various messages were sent out to no avail, the Californian due it's close proximity could have saved every person on that ship.

4. When the Titanic was being furnished and they put in a grand staircase the owner of the ship (who btw jumped of the ship when it was sinking and saved himself while the Captain and the Crew all died) said that it wasn't 'grand' enough, so he made it bigger and lowered the bulkheads by 5 feet, due to this the watertight chambers filled up faster and sunk, if the bulkheads hadn't been lowered it would have filled slower and it would have stayed afloat while help came

Yes, as you can see from my freakish list I am obsessed!

AND THEN I FOUND THIS REALLY AMAZING HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh I want to go to it!I'm putting it on my wish list, here's the link for the Titanic Hotels (yes hotelS!!!) (jksfhjkasgfjkhasfjkwafjkjhsajfhs AHHHHHHH)

so amazing!!!

Farewell, I'm going to DO NOTHING all day hurrah!

-C xx

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