Thursday, December 23, 2010

stray birds

where I tread no one knows, unless I'm wearing shoes of fire

^^ this quote was inspired by the typical pre-Christmas-last-minute-run-to-the-shops rush...

The most interesting thing I find doing in a mall is People Watching, it's really amazing watching how many people can step on the same place that you had stepped on 10 minutes ago, it made me realise just how many people are in this world...

It's kinda freaky thinking about the fact that this time next month is next year...if that made any sense at all :)

Which also made me think about the fact what a HUGE year it was. So inspired by Frankie Magazine I have decided to make a list of 20 things that have happened to me this was amazingly reflective :D

1. Slept through New Year due to a migraine but had an amazing Sun Rise ceremony at Woodford Folk Festival on the 1st
2. Fell out with a best friend
3. Had first frozen hot chocolate
4. Bought MY AMAZING PINK COAT (!!!)
5. Received an academic scholarship
6. Traveled to America for a month
7. Saw a real life piece of the Titanic (EHMAGAWD)
8. Saw the Grand Canyon and befriended a squirrel (I can't believe how many squirrels you guys have!!!)
9. Went to HP world (!)
10. Saw the White House
11. Flew to Germany to visit our family for the first time in 4 years
12. Met my cousin for the first time
13. My dad was diagnosed with cancer
14. Flew back home...(not under great circumstances)
15. Started blogging!! (best thing ever)
16. Found out that I had saved up over $600
17. Won a writing competition
18. Got a job that starts next year
19.Entered two speech competitions, came 2nd in the first one because I forgot the ending of my speech because I didn't bring any palm cards up, almost won the second one but the judge was the mother of the winner...
20.Discovered the Hunger Games (waaay back in March) and sent in my resume to Debra Zane

***these are not all in order since I thought up random ones as I went along

I hope you all enjoy the list :) I suggest you make one too, because it gave me a chance to look back on an amazing year...

And now some happy pics!!!

I DIY'd all these throughout a period of time...the ones with the cream and red floral print on them is all made from 1/2 metre of fabric which I though was pretty cool :D

I hope you all have a merry Christmas (or Hanukkah) and a happy happy new year... :)

-C xxx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

everything is beautiful, but beauty isnt everything

I've been thinking alot lately, mostly about life and stuff like that...I'm not sure where all these stoic thoughts came from, but they came, and they are here to stay unless I think them out loud...*as such*

See we all want something at one point in our lives...or all the time :D

Whether it's a new bike...or a new piece of technology, or new jeans, shoes you get the drill

But what will having the latest pair of D&G heels matter in 50 years? Will we still be wanting that 60,0000000 Egyptian thread count sheet? Or the newest iPhone? Will it matter if we went to the Hampton's for the holidays? Or if we spilt sauce all over ourselves at a formal dinner? Will it matter that we have the latest of everything?

Or will it matter that we always hugged our parents everyday? That we went to bed smiling? That we made sure that our loved ones knew how much we care for them? That we made sure we always said goodbye with a smile? That we showed someone our love in their time of need? That we inspired something? That we changed someones life? That we made sure the world we will leave someday is perfect for the generations to come? That we lived everyday to the fullest? That we didn't hide out emotions and our fears and show them to the world so that we can be helped? That we got the freedom to be just us? That when we die we can safely say that you had the best time ever?

One day every material thing we have will be gone, materialistic things and objects can disappear in seconds, but memories, experiences and love can't. One day we will be beyond hoarding stuff in our rooms for the comfort and the pleasure of it. One day everything will be gone, everything except for the memories you left behind, if the impact you made was that strong.

In our ever changing world it is hard to make dents that leave behind any sort of trace, it is hard to arouse a memory of you in 200 years.

One day in the near (or in the distant) future everything will be different, everything will have shifted from its original place, everything is always moving, always changing.

It is up to us to make the change that truly matters.

all the pictures are sourced from

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oh the luck of the conchords...whats a conchord?

hello ma little kiddly-winks (woah that sounded patronizing, sorry, it also reminded me of Jen's most recent post :)
moving on

so I just watched Harry Potter 7 for the second time, and it was possibly twice as sad (no pun intended) also in the scene where SPOILER ALERT Dobby dies this guy behind me, who was like 60, started crying, I really wanted to give him a hug, it was that sad :( (that in turn made me cry)

and that leads me to the beginning of my story (unintended pun there)

BOOOOOOKS, yes children the magical world of books...
books are possibly the coolest thing ever invented, they are also absolutely timeless, I mean in 20 years are people gonna be like 'yeah remember that movie that came out? wow it was great!' or are they gonna say 'het, remember that really amazing book we read ages ago, I wonder if they still stock it...' personally I think it will be the latter.
But what I think is amazing is that words written on a page can bring real tears to someones eyes, or make someone laugh, or be turned into a movie franchise, or a theme park, it was books that originally sparked all this. We wouldn't have Shakespeare's plays without books, we would hardly know a thing about botany or dinosaurs without books (sort of) I actually cant imagine a WORLD without books (yes I'm looking at you Kindle)

So in honour of my stoic book thoughts I have put together a little list (a list!!! yay) for all of you, consisting of my favourite pieces of literature...

My Sisters Keeper by Jodie Picoult

This book made me cry, and I don't mean like a delicate Bambi tear, but a full on cry...

Pros: It was an amazing read, totally inspiring and insightful :)
Cons: too sad :(

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (der)

I love the language and the death scene always makes me cry...(I know, I cry to much *sigh*)

Pros: The language is amazing, and it's a classic piece of literature in's just Romeo and Juliet that make Romeo and Juliet so amazing...if that makes sense
Cons: It can get quite boring at bits

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

No questions asked THE best trilogy of books ever written

Pros: um all of it :D seriously
Cons: There should be MORE books...

The Uglies series by Scott Westerfield

I haven't finished the series yet, because my library is foolish, but its brill so far

Pros: I love how there's all these underlying details to it, and how its a huge conspiracy and all that
Cons: It can drag on a bit at some points, also so far the plot is kind of repetitive

Fill Out This Application and Wait over There .... (forgot sorry)

I've read this book like a zillion times and I still love it :)

Pros: It's funny, and I love how the whole book is like a diary, I love how it gives you behind the scenes of THE WORKING WORLD
Cons:(! eeh) she can be kind of irritating sometimes :P

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett (I think that's how u spell it)

Once again I have read this a million times, I think I also love it because I was in the play version of this in the city

Pros: It's a classic, and I love how Sara speaks, it also has a happy ending
Cons:I honestly don't know

Ballet Shoes by...?

I just read this and I loved it :)

Pros:I love theatre and stuff like that, and it talks about that all the time (and the Titanic is in there!!!!)
Cons: It can be too dramatic

So this is my list of books, there is probably more that I have just forgotten about, and it will probably EXPAAAAND after Christmas (OMG CHRISTMAS HUZZAH)

also while we're talking about the Chrissie times I just wanted to say I got one Christmas present already!!! (look I know it's not Christmas, but whatever) I got the pretty 'heart of the ocean' style necklace off etsy!!! See my friend and I celebrated Christmas a bit early (we couldn't stand the excitement!!) you can see the necklace on THIS post :) I loveee it, but it's a bit smaller than I imagine, thanks Brooke!!!

So I think this was a pretty big post lol, and OH I also went to LUSH today!!!! I didn't have that much money because i bought a really cool radio, but I spent it all on a lip scrub made form sugar, vanilla and chocolate :D (which is seriously like heaven) I've scrubbed my lips 4 times today, teehee, but my mum has threatened to take it off me if I don't stop because she thinks my lips will fall off...(HINT I HOPE THERE ARE LOTS OF LUSH GOODIES UNDER THE TREE DEAR SANTA MAN)

I also have been struck my much inspiration lately so xpect a few more posts :) and I'm pretty sure I will have a CHRISTMAS post soon (eeeeek I cant wait)

take care everyone, make sure you don't get eaten by a man eating traffic cone....there have been quite a few on the run lately

-C xxx

p.s I also forgot to mention Harry Potter books, but I thought that was a given :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

oh gosh, lets be glambitious YUM potato salad

from the title you can OBVIOUSLYYY guess what this post is about...right???
not so much

so (I know right! IT'S A VERY COMMON WORD) the other day (once I was talking to this girl and she was going on about this thing that happened to her the OTHER day, and I was like oh yeah, uhh and nodding my head intelligently, and then I found out that by the OTHER day she meant 8 WEEKS ago....but I mean literally the other day, as in 2 days ago) anyway...the other day I was at the shops and I walked past the shoe shop...and there was the coolest pair of Doc Martens EVER, I stopped in my tracks and screamed EH MAH GOSH (hence the title...very Massie Block in case you didn't know) and started jumping up and down...HERE THEY ARE

they are hello kitty inspired SQUEAL

I want them sooooo baaaad (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS...geddit)
but they were like $300, which I guess is the normal price of Docs even though I never had some...
But then my little brain kicked in and said 'now Caroline, do you REALLY want these shoes, I mean aren't the point of (REALLY EXPENSIVE) shoes to be able to go with everything you wear?'

I thought that was quite smart of my brain to think that, and though the Hello Kitty Docs are black, they are also pink and have bows (though I LOVEEE both of those things) and that made me think...'hmmm these are not the ONLY Docs out there...'
SO I WENT SURFING HURRAH not literally obviously...this generations surfing der and found some other lovely examples that I might consider splurging on...(and if you're really confused by now I can understand, see if two weeks after I buy these Docs I go 'EW I HATE pink, I HATE bows...(or even) I HATE hello kitty'...then I'm I'm going to expaaaaaand my horizons before I make a massive investment (wow I actually just said I was going to buy a pair of Docs EH MAH GAWD!!!) (yes, yes Miss Block we know) HURRAH

so here are the results of my searches...

Pros: Their a really pretty cotton candy pink...and they look kind of shiny, I also like the contrast of the chocolate coloured thread against the lighter shoe colour
Cons: What if I get sick of pink :(

Pros: These are kind of a twist on the classic black Doc...they're like a shiny, hazy gray mist kind of colour
Cons: Can the shine scratch off??

Pros: They are black with white flowers...and the toe is POINTY
Cons: The toe is pointy...will it scuff easier???

Cons: um...could they be too bright??

Pros: I LOVE the colour, and they look like buttery soft red leather...
Cons:ehhh I'm not sureee

hmmmm really tired now...WHO SHALL PROVAIL, WHO SHALL BE THE WINNERRRR (think Clash of the Titans)

Which one did you like best? Should I just go for a classic black? (BUT IT'S SO CLICHEEE)
Maybe this time (GLEE) I can save a tonne of money for 3 years or so and get TWO pairs...what to do, what to doooooooo
If I do get two, I can get a classic pair, and a CRAZY likey :)

well this was a very long post...close your eyes for a moment...BREATHE
-C xxx

Friday, November 19, 2010

a sock in the book

I can't begin to fathom how incredibly AWESOME the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was what Harry Potter should be...SPECTACULAR!!! See the thing I love about HP movies is that it's not entirely serious and morbid, but they include humour (mostly thanks to Rupert Grint) I also found myself loving a few of the things that they were wearing in the movie, especially the Deathly Hallows pendant from Mr.Lovegood. So I searched the lovely Etsy store and found a really cool replacement for it...though it doesn't do the cool twist thing that the pendant does in the movie...

(from ccppolly)
how cool is it??? I want it sooo bad... :D so I might as well post a couple of the things I want for Christmas that I found on the lovely etsy... :)

the unicorn ring is from kimarijewelry (I love her stuff) and the heart (WHICH IS TITANIC INSPIRED OMG) is from wildemoon...

anyway while I was watching Harry Potter I was thinking about how much the movies have changed throughout time...I mean the first ever Harry Potter movie came out on video tape (the horror) and now we have the choice of watching it in 3D!!! Kind of AMAZING, so I'm going to post a few pictures of HARRY POTTER THROUGH THE AAAGES (dun dun duuun)

sooo lovely...makes me want to cry OH THE MEMORIES
anywhoo, I hope you have all enjoyed watching HP7 aswell :)
-C xxx
btw: for great Christmas presents go on etsy and if your budget is tight (like mineee) click on the Lowest Price button! Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

sandy horses wearing lace

I'm feeling very hazy lazy kinda crazy....anyone else feel that way? No? HANDS UP?...sad
I went strawberry picking today...which is a shame really because I can't look at another strawberry ever again (hahhah are you kidding me?)
But anyway, being out in the field all day (for about 20 minutes) gave me a chance to reflect on life and Plato-ish things for example, don't pick strawberries on the same lane someone else is picking because you will take all the good berries and leave them with NOTHING (this thought started off philosophically and then it started to go gibberish, as do so many other things)
moving on

So recently I have found a really big liking for summer-sand-dessert-sun drenched type photos....they be so pretty
I don't know why this is, maybe because I like the idea of sitting on a sandy slope in a lacy white dress with the sun setting in the far distance...and white horses galloping joyfully (really? how low I have sunk (hahahahahah anyone else get the pun?)) mmmm that kind of romantic thinking calms me....


i think they all feel kind of drowsy, Sunday afternoon haze type thing....
except for the black and white one, where I was trying to portray a 50's beachy-I-know-what-you-did-last-summer-stalker vibe...I hope that came CLEARLY across
I hope you all have a spledifurous weekend ^_^

-C xxx