Thursday, December 23, 2010

stray birds

where I tread no one knows, unless I'm wearing shoes of fire

^^ this quote was inspired by the typical pre-Christmas-last-minute-run-to-the-shops rush...

The most interesting thing I find doing in a mall is People Watching, it's really amazing watching how many people can step on the same place that you had stepped on 10 minutes ago, it made me realise just how many people are in this world...

It's kinda freaky thinking about the fact that this time next month is next year...if that made any sense at all :)

Which also made me think about the fact what a HUGE year it was. So inspired by Frankie Magazine I have decided to make a list of 20 things that have happened to me this was amazingly reflective :D

1. Slept through New Year due to a migraine but had an amazing Sun Rise ceremony at Woodford Folk Festival on the 1st
2. Fell out with a best friend
3. Had first frozen hot chocolate
4. Bought MY AMAZING PINK COAT (!!!)
5. Received an academic scholarship
6. Traveled to America for a month
7. Saw a real life piece of the Titanic (EHMAGAWD)
8. Saw the Grand Canyon and befriended a squirrel (I can't believe how many squirrels you guys have!!!)
9. Went to HP world (!)
10. Saw the White House
11. Flew to Germany to visit our family for the first time in 4 years
12. Met my cousin for the first time
13. My dad was diagnosed with cancer
14. Flew back home...(not under great circumstances)
15. Started blogging!! (best thing ever)
16. Found out that I had saved up over $600
17. Won a writing competition
18. Got a job that starts next year
19.Entered two speech competitions, came 2nd in the first one because I forgot the ending of my speech because I didn't bring any palm cards up, almost won the second one but the judge was the mother of the winner...
20.Discovered the Hunger Games (waaay back in March) and sent in my resume to Debra Zane

***these are not all in order since I thought up random ones as I went along

I hope you all enjoy the list :) I suggest you make one too, because it gave me a chance to look back on an amazing year...

And now some happy pics!!!

I DIY'd all these throughout a period of time...the ones with the cream and red floral print on them is all made from 1/2 metre of fabric which I though was pretty cool :D

I hope you all have a merry Christmas (or Hanukkah) and a happy happy new year... :)

-C xxx


Devin said...

Hey Caroline! I kind of stumbled across your blog. You year looked sort of similar to mine in the way that we both had a falling out with a good friend:( Those pictures of what you made are really cool! I think the fabric is pretty. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Maybe this time you could stay awake through it all:P)

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Oh my gosh that sounds like one crazy year!!! Yeah we do have a crazy amount of squirrels lol
HP WORLD!!! yay!!!
People watching is awesome!!
I fell out with a best friend too, it must have been on of those years lol
Send your dad my prayers!!
P.s. This is getting me really frustrated because your posts don't show up on my dashboard!!!! I hate when technology does this!! Show technically I commented on this on Thursday, yeah :D
Oh and what I mean about guest blogging is that my blog features a post another blogger wrote. Like somebody can submit something to me and I'll post it and link back to them. Sorry that's not a good explanation but I'm not really good at explaining things!!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

I mean so technically, not show... Whoops!!

WatTheRandom said...

was the falling out with a friend with hayley... or was that last year?

anyway i miss u and u hae to call me

WatTheRandom said...

oh and u should put a pic of the ninja pillow u made me on cause it so cool

Marg said...

This is also a really cool blog!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Your dad is in my prayers and I can't believe you saw an actual peice of the Titanic!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! I also discovered the Hunger Games! Your blog is a really cool blog to follow! Great post!!

MsShamz said...

lovely post, those photos are so cute!
im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

Caroline :) said...

MsShamZ (awesome name!) thank you so much :) what do you by a giveaway..? Lol I'm new to this whole thing

Marg, thank you :))) yer the titanic exhibition was ah-mazing, I'll see if I can put some pictures up ;)

Jen, ohh, I'm not sure why that happens...thanks for the info on guestblogging :) you explained it perfectly!

Devin, haha thank you :))) it's weird with the whole friend thing last year...I actually did stay awake this time!! Hahah

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments about my dad <3 I read them to him and he was so touched :)


Savannah Burton said...

The little animals are so cute! I love your blog and have followed. Please check out my blog and if you would like, follow me in return. Thanks