Tuesday, December 14, 2010

everything is beautiful, but beauty isnt everything

I've been thinking alot lately, mostly about life and stuff like that...I'm not sure where all these stoic thoughts came from, but they came, and they are here to stay unless I think them out loud...*as such*

See we all want something at one point in our lives...or all the time :D

Whether it's a new bike...or a new piece of technology, or new jeans, shoes you get the drill

But what will having the latest pair of D&G heels matter in 50 years? Will we still be wanting that 60,0000000 Egyptian thread count sheet? Or the newest iPhone? Will it matter if we went to the Hampton's for the holidays? Or if we spilt sauce all over ourselves at a formal dinner? Will it matter that we have the latest of everything?

Or will it matter that we always hugged our parents everyday? That we went to bed smiling? That we made sure that our loved ones knew how much we care for them? That we made sure we always said goodbye with a smile? That we showed someone our love in their time of need? That we inspired something? That we changed someones life? That we made sure the world we will leave someday is perfect for the generations to come? That we lived everyday to the fullest? That we didn't hide out emotions and our fears and show them to the world so that we can be helped? That we got the freedom to be just us? That when we die we can safely say that you had the best time ever?

One day every material thing we have will be gone, materialistic things and objects can disappear in seconds, but memories, experiences and love can't. One day we will be beyond hoarding stuff in our rooms for the comfort and the pleasure of it. One day everything will be gone, everything except for the memories you left behind, if the impact you made was that strong.

In our ever changing world it is hard to make dents that leave behind any sort of trace, it is hard to arouse a memory of you in 200 years.

One day in the near (or in the distant) future everything will be different, everything will have shifted from its original place, everything is always moving, always changing.

It is up to us to make the change that truly matters.

all the pictures are sourced from weheartit.com


Marg said...

Great post! You made very good points in this post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts, and so well written! There is definitely too much emphasis placed on material possessions and not enough on just enjoying the simple, beautiful experiences in life :)

Thanks for visiting our blog.. We are so happy to have discovered yours, it's wonderful. Consider us your newest follower!



Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Ok, I can't tell you enough how insanely amazing this post was. You write so beautifully. I completely agree, especially with the living everyday to the fullest one!!
Definetly my favorite post of yours yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francesca said...

Caroline, this is gorgeous. And so true.

And thanks again for the email. It really is something speical to me.

Caroline :) said...

Aww thank u a for the amazing comments!!! <3

Savannah Burton said...

Wait...? How was that phrase patronizing?? Anyhow, enlightening post! I have read all of these books except The Uglies series, but you gave an excellent review and had I not already read most of them, I would have definitely purchased, or borrowed them from a library. The girl on the front cover of that book is not ugly!