Tuesday, November 23, 2010

oh gosh, lets be glambitious YUM potato salad

from the title you can OBVIOUSLYYY guess what this post is about...right???
not so much

so (I know right! IT'S A VERY COMMON WORD) the other day (once I was talking to this girl and she was going on about this thing that happened to her the OTHER day, and I was like oh yeah, uhh and nodding my head intelligently, and then I found out that by the OTHER day she meant 8 WEEKS ago....but I mean literally the other day, as in 2 days ago) anyway...the other day I was at the shops and I walked past the shoe shop...and there was the coolest pair of Doc Martens EVER, I stopped in my tracks and screamed EH MAH GOSH (hence the title...very Massie Block in case you didn't know) and started jumping up and down...HERE THEY ARE

they are hello kitty inspired SQUEAL

I want them sooooo baaaad (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS...geddit)
but they were like $300, which I guess is the normal price of Docs even though I never had some...
But then my little brain kicked in and said 'now Caroline, do you REALLY want these shoes, I mean aren't the point of (REALLY EXPENSIVE) shoes to be able to go with everything you wear?'

I thought that was quite smart of my brain to think that, and though the Hello Kitty Docs are black, they are also pink and have bows (though I LOVEEE both of those things) and that made me think...'hmmm these are not the ONLY Docs out there...'
SO I WENT SURFING HURRAH not literally obviously...this generations surfing der and found some other lovely examples that I might consider splurging on...(and if you're really confused by now I can understand, see if two weeks after I buy these Docs I go 'EW I HATE pink, I HATE bows...(or even) I HATE hello kitty'...then I'm stuffed...so I'm going to expaaaaaand my horizons before I make a massive investment (wow I actually just said I was going to buy a pair of Docs EH MAH GAWD!!!) (yes, yes Miss Block we know) HURRAH

so here are the results of my searches...

Pros: Their a really pretty cotton candy pink...and they look kind of shiny, I also like the contrast of the chocolate coloured thread against the lighter shoe colour
Cons: What if I get sick of pink :(

Pros: These are kind of a twist on the classic black Doc...they're like a shiny, hazy gray mist kind of colour
Cons: Can the shine scratch off??

Pros: They are black with white flowers...and the toe is POINTY
Cons: The toe is pointy...will it scuff easier???

Cons: um...could they be too bright??

Pros: I LOVE the colour, and they look like buttery soft red leather...
Cons:ehhh I'm not sureee

hmmmm really tired now...WHO SHALL PROVAIL, WHO SHALL BE THE WINNERRRR (think Clash of the Titans)

Which one did you like best? Should I just go for a classic black? (BUT IT'S SO CLICHEEE)
Maybe this time (GLEE) I can save a tonne of money for 3 years or so and get TWO pairs...what to do, what to doooooooo
If I do get two, I can get a classic pair, and a CRAZY pair...me likey :)

well this was a very long post...close your eyes for a moment...BREATHE
-C xxx


Marg said...

Cool blog! I am now a follower!!

Caroline :) said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much! :)

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

I luh-v (haha the clique) the shiny/hazy greyish black ones!!! So cool!!
Love Massie Block too!!
--- Jen

Stiene Saenen said...

I love the ones with the flowers! x

Ms.Fashionista said...

Lovee those shoes! So cute!



Adnan said...

I also want a pair of Doc Martens, they literally have the best design when it comes to boots (in my opinion.)