Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Sister's (and my father's) Keeper

You know the movie? with Abigail Breslin, and Cameron Diaz. Well the book is even better! Well not better...cause she has cancer...Anyway, when I saw the movie, I thought I would cry, but I didn't which was kind of disappointing, either i was to distracted eating my chocolate cake or I was watching the teeny tiny things no one else notices. But it didn't make me cry, although my mother DID cry..
so when I saw a cheap copy of it at the bookstore I bought it, i though 'hey! Cheap! yay! And even if I don't like it I can always sell it on ebay...(oh ebay!)
But then I started reading it, and by the time I was done with the second chapter I was crying, so much that the page began to blur, I wanted to stop but I couldn't...
the eldest sister (Kate) has cancer, and her younger sister (Anna) was basically born just to be a donor for Kate, from the moment she was born, literally, they used her umbilical cord...but Jodi Picoult wrote it not just from Anna's point of view but from EVERYONE'S, seriously.
Basically the whole book is about Anna wanting to sue her parents over the rights of her own body (which would be extremely cool in any other circumstance) but it gets more and more dramatic as the story goes. There's all these flashbacks, and JP writes it all so beautifully.
In the end, there's this massive twist, I cried for ages, I cried myself to sleep, JP made it so real, she made it seem like I was with the characters, they didn't even seem like characters, they were like friends.
But when I read that book, it was just a book, a brilliant one yes, but just a book.
A few days ago I received news that made me relate so strongly to what the people in this book were dad has been diagnosed with cancer, he has a tumor in his neck, apparantly it's a secondary cancer. But this scared me, and I feel like i have to read this book again, to get a second perspective, I want to relate to someone, I want someone to relate to me.
Things are going to change, I know that, but through all of this, I will always love you daddy, no matter what.

Life is too short
Don't waste a minute
Enjoy each day
And everyone in it

Tomorrow will come
It could be your last
Make the most of today
Life passes too fast.

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Anonymous said...

That book made me sob and sob and sob. I'm so sorry about your dad! I really do hope he gets better, I have no idea what it's like but I'm sure it's hard and hopefully it'll go away. :>