Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coconut sunscreen and somewhat-greetings from a stranger

Hi! My name is Caroline, and this is my first blog...so I'm actually not quite sure what to do. Basically this blog is a space for me to say things I always wanted to say, whether movies, books, music, clothes...or life :)

When I first heard the song California Gurls-Katy Perry, I had a sudden feeling of nostalgia, it's a really fun, summery song and it reminded me of when my family and I took a lovely holiday to the USA, our first stop was L.A. and I loved, loved, looooved it there (clearly you can see how much I liked it ^_^) on one beautiful warmish day we decided to cycle along Venice beach, we rented a few bikes, and just took off down the boardwalk...we stopped to see all the little shops and I recalled reading that the Twilight crew had actually bought some of their costumes here, this was when I was going through my 'Vampire' phase...but we don't speak of that.
Anyway, while we toddling along I suddenly heard the new California Gurls song! And when I looked around it all fitted perfectly; the girls tanning, the smell of coconut sunscreen, palm trees...ahhh summer really IS beautiful, when you're not getting devoured by mosquitos. But since then I haven't been able to shake off the connection with that song that I have with Venice Beach.
I was surprised by the video clip, because I thought they would film it at a BEACH, which the whole song is practically based at...not in CANDYLAND...seriously. But Katy is beautiful and if I can forget the giant gummibears and the girls wrapped in cellophane, I can relish in my coconut sunscreen-iced coffee dream.
Here is the link for the music video, on YouTube.


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