Thursday, October 28, 2010

what are you REALLY burning

So I just quickly wanted to post this letter that I just finished and sent to Healtheries Australia...and it is as follows

ironic really

Dear Healtheries
I have enjoyed snacking on your products for many years, your products have been a part of many picnics, family outings and to quench our hunger in between meals, they also made a great treat to share at lunch time...but the taste of them fell sour in my mouth when a friend opened my eyes to the horrible secret behind those crunchy snacks...palm oil. After researching palm oil for a little bit I was shocked to find what it actually is, and the consequences it leaves behind. For in fact palm oil kills millions, upon billions of forests and wildlife every year, including orangutans, Orangutans are already a VERY endangered creature and the fact that you exploit them for food and for taste is beyond humane.
They are taken out of their natural environment, as a matter of fact the natural environment is taken out of them, they are killed, and so are the trees which have been growing around them for millions of years, feeding their ancestors, themselves and their children.
The fact that you include an ingredient with so many fatal consequences attributed to it is atrocious. What's even more horrific is that you advertise the product that the ingredient is in, as a HAPPY and HEALTHY one, let me tell you dear Healtheries killing orangutans for the pleasure of what goes in our stomachs is sickening, which I don't makes a very good marketing slogan, as it is an oxymoron.
Moreover the fact that this product is directed at children is horrible. Giving children something to eat under the pretence that it is 'healthy' and good for you, is very misleading, teaching our children a horrible lesson, you are telling them that it is ok to include said ingredient (palm oil) into our daily foods, that you decorate so inappropriately with smiling children and happy orange colours (which ironically is also the colour of an orangutan)
I would like to share with you this brief snapshot of what palm oil really does, I believe not following this link would be, on your behalf, extremely petulant and cowardly, please enjoy,

Now that we viewed this interesting video I would like to leave you with this final thought.
In our ever changing community one voice is not enough, a major company which influences so many households and which people so casually toss into their shopping trolleys would be enough. If you, Healtheries, find the courage to say NO to this slaughter (the killing of orangutans and rainforest) then more people would listen. As you can see in one of the comments of the video 'if we can get the government to ban palm oil...that is the only way to save the orangutans'....that is the ONLY WAY to save the orangutans...
Please dear Healtheries think about my email, before you hit delete think about what message you are casting aside. It is wrong to violate the safety and lives of animals, endangered animals. If you take Palm Oil off your ingredients list forever then you will make a real difference.

I am very happy with this email, and I am really looking forward to their reaction :)
These people use palm oil in their products which is VERY BAD (thus the email)
I am about to keel over form tired-ness from writing that email. I will post the reply as soon as it comes

an orangutan :)

-C xxx


Marg said...

Wow, that is amazing that you trying to make a diffrence! This is a truly an amazing post!!

Sasquatch the mighty beast said...

Ohh i luv u cazza doing this case of me <3